Ed Fender at a book signingWelcome to the Website of one of the

Northwest’s newest, exciting writers.

Many of us have potential books in our

heads waiting, patiently, to escape

into print or e-books.  Sadly, most stay confined.


* Ed was thrilled to release his first novel,

Infinite River“, in October of 2009.

* His entirely normal retirement trip to Italy in 2011

     generated “Italy Calls“, a tale about an adventure-laced

trip through Italy.  Danger and romance combine

for an exciting look at the history and people of Italy.

* A children’s book, “In the Spooky Forest” arrived in 2014

about the author’s grandchildren following a mysterious

white something through a real forest on the Oregon coast.

* In 2017, Ed released his adventure memoir “Idyllic Peru

to take readers on a walking tour through Peru. In addition

to visiting all the fabulous tourist spots, Ed spends a month

with the Projects Abroad crew as an Archaeological

volunteer to explore an abandoned Incan city.

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Author Ed Fender researching for a book

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