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C. Edwin (Ed) Fender was a member of The Wesleyan Writers, graduating from Kansas Wesleyan University in 1968 with a BA in Sociology.   After post-graduate studies at the Instituto Tecnologico in Monterrey, Mexico and three years of worldwide travel as an employee of the American Red Cross (including 18 months in Vietnam during 1970-1971), Ed entered Denver University Graduate School of Social Work.

 In 1974, two wondrous events occurred in Ed’s life.  Maureen Walsh, a fellow student in the GSSW, accepted his proposal of marriage. They were married in April, 1975 at the DU campus chapel….. oh right, and he got his Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW).   He is working on a PHD at Sam Houston Institute of Technology.

 After leaving the employment of the Red Cross in Des Moines, Iowa in 1981, Ed switched to insurance agent, then to operations manager for a microbiology company.   Cold Iowa winters convinced the family (which now included two young children) to permanently relocate to Eugene, Oregon as a result of an earlier visit to friends living there.  Ed continues to volunteer with the Red Cross and received his “40 year” pin in 2009!

 The purchase of a children’s wear/maternity shoppe in 1983 was a learning experience for the young family.  After four years, the “Classic Child” was closed and liquidated.  In October, 1987, Ed was hired in the Marketing Department of Forrest Paint Company.  By that time, there were four (and no more!) children.  Proof reading and technical writing were strengths Ed brought to the job.

 Those skills transfer to novel writing and, after about 15 years of dilly-dallying, he finally focused his efforts and completed “Infinite River” on December 7. 2007.  After two years of editing, correcting and re-writing, Publish America published the novel and released it to the world on October 5th, 2009.  The Memoir, “The Legend of Fender’s Garage” was published on June 25, 2010 – see comments on the “Feedback” page.

On 2/4/2011, after 24 years with Forrest Paint, Ed retired to commit time to writing, traveling, and being grampa.

The traveling included six fabulous weeks in Italy in early 2011.  As a result, Ed wrote “Italy Calls“, an adventure novel variously described as “adventure, romance, historical and travelogue”. Published through Create Space in April, 2014, “Italy Calls” launched at the Sons of Italy gathering in June, 2014.

In November, 2014, Ed wrote his first children’s book, “In the Spooky Forest” and had it printed by a local printer for his three grandchildren who were visiting for Thanksgiving. In May, 2016, it was published through Create Space.  It is a fiction book for children ages 6-9 about a mysterious “white something” moving through the Spooky Forest, which is a real forest existing on the historic 804 Trail in Yachats, Oregon. The photos and descriptions of the area are factual.




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