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  1. admin says:

    Thank you for your comments. My grandchildren just love exploring that forest. I hope the slide project comes together!

  2. J. Johnston says:

    Hello Mr. Fender,
    We recently exchanged a book and a slide. I haven’t got the slide going yet, but I am sharing “The Spooky Forest” with my in-town grandchildren. They love the excitement of the tale and are delighted with the solution to the mystery. I fold over page 20 so they will be surprised! I love the science info about canopy forests and the hint of history and adventure in the teepee frame. Well done and now I need to mail it to Oklahoma to be shared with the other two. Your book has just the right balance of excitement, fun and family with a flourish of science. Thank you and keep writing!

  3. Madeline Gillespie says:

    Ed, I really enjoyed reading “The Legend of Fender’s Garage”. It was fascinating to learn about your father and the large role that he played in his community. I liked that you included pictures, too. My favorite parts were the anecdotes and funny stories that you recounted. It’s great to learn more about the history of the Fender family! Take care!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you so much, Vicki. Your feedback means a lot to me. As I was researching background material for the “Legend of Fender’s Garage“, I found there are lots of folks who have stories, like you do, of time spent with Loren and Thalia Fender. I probably could have expanded this memoir to over 200 pages but I decided to keep it shorter and easier to read. I would enjoy any Murphy Gulch neighborhood updates you want to send along to

  5. Vicki Armstrong says:

    Can’t tell you how happy I am that you wrote Fender’s Garage, Ed. Have been buying copies at the firehouse for my family, friends & neighbors. It is such an emotional, touching read even for those who did not know the Fenders.

    It was my honor to meet Loren & Thalia in June, 1975 when my ex-husband & I purchased a house across Murphy Gulch thru Loren which had been left to a son by Loren’s sister, as I recall. Bea Pratt, a real estate agent & friend of the Fenders showed it to us & we immediately wanted to buy it. We were in the process of returning to our home in Northern MN & picking up 3 Korean siblings (to adopt) at the Minneapolis airport on the way back in a matter of days. Bea said that Loren would have to “approve” us, so off we went across the road to meet Loren & Thalia. The “interview” was quite an experience, & I wasn’t sure what Loren thought when we left. But I kinda thought he liked me. It was a tough read, tho.

    The next day, Bea told us we had “passed” the test. The paperwork continued thru the summer while we sold our home in MN & bonded with our 3 new daughters….aged 2, 4 & 7. We arrived at the Murphy Gulch house (where I sill live ) around Sept 1. Shortly b4 our arrival, some kids broke a # of windows by throwing rocks, which Loren was not happy about. We arrived with UHaul, pickup in tow, VW Beetle driven by me with the girls, an Irish Setter & a cat, Exhausted we passed out on the green shag carpet in the living room. The next morning the girls were delighted to wake up to a neighbor’s St Bernard poking it’s head in a broken window from the deck over their heads.

    For the next 5 years, Loren & Thalia were a wonderful part of my daughters’ & my life, until they moved to WY. I became a single mom in ’76. Loren was always the answer to every problem from the girls being locked out when they arrived home on school bus to filling up bicycle tires with his air compressor. The girls loved to pick wild plums & ask Thalia to make jelly, which she always cheerfully did.

    Funny story. One night Thalia called & said Loren wanted me to witness/sign his will b/c he thought he was going to die that night. My 10 yr old daughter & I sadly walked down Murphy Gulch. Loren was seated exactly where he is eating ice cream with Phillip in the book. Thalia, my daughter & I looked on solemnly as Loren read his will. Then we told Loren good bye with tears & came home. I didn’t hear anything from Thalia the next morning, so finally I reluctantly called. Thalia said, “Oh, he’s fine”.

    I still get teary when I think of telling them farewell with the girls in their driveway. Loren was sitting on a lower step. My youngest daughter asked, “But who is going to fill our bicycle tires now?” Loren did not respond.

    My girls & I were blessed to also know other Murphy Gulch “great characters” who have now passed, like Edna Garrison, Marguerite Hines, & Dick Schwartz..

  6. admin says:

    Thanks, Steve. I’m working on the sequel now (slowly) and hope to include as much adventure and plot twists as in “Infinite River”. Hope your wife enjoys it, too.

  7. Steve Ham says:

    I just finished reading “Infinite River”. I know, I’m late but better late than never. This novel was a great story and very hard to put down. It brought back lots of memories for me of raft trips I’ve been on. I felt I knew all of the people but under different names. There was lots of excitement, intrigue, romance and a twist to the ending. I didn’t expect the way it ended but it tied in the very first chapter very well. Great job, Ed, I’m looking forward to reading “The Legend of Fender’s Garage”. I have many memories of riding the bus to and from school with all of my friends from Tinytown and the surrounding area. Thanks Ed for a wonderful reading experience. Keep it up!

  8. admin says:

    Thank you very much, reader. Admin is hopeful that links to “Martinis on the Rocks” photos will soon be in place.

  9. Maureen says:

    Wish I knew how to post the “Martinis on the rocks” photos. It’s a great time.

  10. admin says:

    Thank you for the deeply emotional response, Rick. I’ve spent the past three months reliving my youth as I pieced together the Mini-version of Dad’s life. It needed to be written and I’m the only one left to do it!

  11. admin says:

    Thank you, Gary. Kind words, indeed. There were many good times, which, at the time, weren’t too impressive. Looking back now, I would like a “re-do” but alas….

  12. Gary Beaver says:

    How pleased I was to read the Legend of Fender’s Garage. What a wonderful way to honor one’s parents but by the writing of a memoir to share with others. Having grown up and spending time with Ed and his family, this brought back the memories of the wonderful times spent living in Tinytown, participating in the fire department and Fender’s garage. So many of those events had been forgotten until reading this work. Reliving the adventures spent with the Fender family fishing, hunting, playing cards, riding the ol’ bus and staying at the household have come back to me in such a vivid manner.
    The true essence of Loren is delivered in Ed’s writing. Having known the man, I can say he has been brought back to life on a personal basis and makes me long for those times to return.
    This may be your best work, yet. I look forward to your next writing project.

  13. Rick Renz says:

    Ed, I want to thank you again so very much for sending me “The Legend of Fender’s Garage”.
    As I mentioned on the phone, I have never had such a strong reaction when reading anything as I did from this.
    It instantly took me back to our high school days when I visited your home and spent time with your folks there (as well as the memorable school bus rides). Your accounts of all that your father and mother accomplished and your own role in the family were details that filled lots of holes in my awareness of your family. This booklet is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I don’t see how you could possibly outdo this one from my perspective.

    Glad you are enjoying your new career as a writer, old friend! You have just added another helping of appreciation for all I have received in my life.

  14. Michael Jackson says:

    Nice job guys. This is a cool site.

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