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Dear Ed,

Thank you again for the presentation you gave at AUTHOR NIGHT at Bandon Library on Monday, July 20, 2015!

It was good that you gave a bit of background on each book before doing your reading. This helped us to understand what you’d written and why. One comment we heard was that each book selection you chose really made us want to read the rest of the book.  One person who has never before bought a book from a “Visiting Author” bought three of yours!   Another comment was that you have great comic timing.  Sometimes just a pause or a look was enough to make the entire room laugh.  You filled the time well, the time passed quickly, and everyone was so glad to have attended.  You encouraged us all to tell our own stories.

We hope you enjoyed your stay in Bandon. We appreciate your time preparing and presenting such a wonderful Author Night program.

Sincerely, Megan Maloney

for Bandon Library Friends & Foundation, Inc.


“The Legend of Fender’s Garage”  – The Memoir of Loren D. Fender, published on June 25, 2010.

This Memoir presents a brief look at the fascinating Life and Times of the author’s father and mother through some very challenging times in the history of America.






Italy CallsLorenzo Costa is content with his life in Oregon.  That life is turned upside down when the grandfather he doesn’t know calls him to come to Italy to take over his multi-billion Euro company.  While enroute, he unknowingly smuggles data for arms traffickers.  The journey to find his Italian roots and decide whether or not to take over the business leads to romance and an adventure-laced trip through Italy. 

Sorry I hadn’t written a review about “Italy Calls” yet.  The ending?  I nearly fell off my chair when I read it – a real surprise!  That is when I realized Lorenzo would fit in very well with the old way of doing business. He is sharper than I thought.  Before I go to Italy the next time, I will re-read the descriptions of the churches, buildings, etc.  In addition to being a very entertaining book, it is a very good travelogue.  I think you have yourself a winner with this book.” 

 published April/2014                 Linda Harrell



To Carl Finter, photographer, shooting a few hundred shots during a summertime rafting trip down the Rogue River in south-western Oregon sounded like an enjoyable and easy way to fulfill his contract with the travel magazine.  The long-anticipated earthquake on the Oregon coast was only the beginning of a series of events that would threaten his life, bring true love into it and propel him into deepening mystery and intrigue that would extend millions of years into the past!

Infinite River is a fun and action packed adventure. It’s one of those books that is difficult to put down. The author takes us on a rafting trip down the Rogue River in SW Oregon which is a great adventure in and of itself. The rafting trip ends as a result of a great, natural disaster and then the REAL adventure begins. I loved the twists and turns right through the last paragraph! I look forward to C.E. Fender’s next book. I’ll be the first one in line to buy it!”      Jim Steinberger

originally published Oct/2009 – republished on Amazon June/2016

In the Spooky Forest “In the Spooky Forest”

A children’s mystery book by C. Edwin Fender about three children and a mysterious white ‘something’ moving about in the spooky forest by the 804 Trail north of the Overleaf Lodge in Yachats, Oregon.  The book features local sites and pathways in the Yachats community and solves the white ‘something’ mystery!!!

The co-owner of Mari’s Books, in Yachats, says, “For Christmas, I gave “In the Spooky Forest” to my 8 year old grandson. He tore off the wrapping paper, immediately started reading and was completely captivated by the story, to the exclusion of his other Christmas gifts. Now, that’s a great book!

published Nov/2014 – re-published on Amazon May/2016


Idyllic Perú

published June / 2017

From depressing lows (life-saving emergency surgery) to euphoric highs (16,000+ feet), Ed’s Peruvian experience was anything but routine. With Machu Picchu, the most visited tourist site in South America, as the centerpiece, Ed takes us with him on daily exciting journeys to mountain peaks, dangerous jungles and abandoned Inca villages. This adventure memoir, with over 100 photos, is the next best thing to actually being there.

I absolutely loved Idyllic Perú! I’m an avid traveler and this author has the amazing ability of painting vivid pictures, sights and sounds through words. I felt like I was experiencing Peru through his eyes! Such wonderful stories and situations. I honestly could not put this book down!

Linda Sears

Fender’s book, Idyllic Perú, is full of charming stories, traveling tips for long-term travel, and great photos—especially the laughing llama in the Machu Picchu chapter. Don’t miss it!

 ~Valerie Ihsan, author of The Scent of Apple Tea

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